Friday, 4 March 2011

water is not organic

Yes, it's true. Water is not organic, and you read it here first. Well, not exactly... I first heard about Organic Water being sold in the US by a company called 'O' which many of you may have heard of. The company branded the new drink as a healthier alternative to drinking plain and simple tap water, declaring it free from pesticides, antibodies and growth hormones. The company claimed no genetic modification took place to create the new water. But hang on a second, how can water even be organic? Well the truth is it can't, not really. Water is one of those substances that cannot claim to be organic. Water claiming to be 'organic' is only organic in the sense that it has been sourced from organic land, or soil. There is nothing in it that makes it any different to the water coming out from your tap. And that's it I'm afraid!

Assume however, that all of the recipes I share here contain organic ingredients, unless they are unavailable... such as water I mean ;P

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